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Delivery Methodology
We work hard to be highly process driven & innovative, while targeting an on time delivery for all our projects. Our Delivery Methodology is designed with basic goals in mind like :

  • Meticulous planning with minute detailing & Eradicate duplications in business units
  • Create an efficient work structure., maintain & improve existing reputation as a "partner of choice"
  • All resources will be reachable for all projects executed irrespective of project type or location
  • Support the teams with high quality infrastructure consistently as a centralized process for career growth of internal customers of high value

CEP is a unique process developed to implement the right engineering practices through all stages of the project :
  • Define project delivery system &develop project alliances with expert partners
  • Financial & Technical risk analysis with concept planning and detailed designing
  • Sustainable project development with life cycle analysis &modeling &
  • Cost & value engineering, process development & control system
  • Procurement of Materials, Construction planning & scheduling
  • Workman ship, Construction equipment and technolgy.
  • Legal verifications, Safety & security.
  • Infrastructure and amenities development and maintenance.
  • Post construction maintenance/BMS and Durability ,resalability
  • Customer care and customer relation.
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